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UV Technology for Production Environments

TERRELL UV are specialists in industrial ultra violet technology for all types of applications. We have both stock systems and equipment, or we have complete design, engineering, fabrication and installation capabilities which enable us to retrofit your existing equipment. We offer fully automated systems, like those needed for automatic part sizing, spray gun positioning and UV curing lamp positioning. Some of these systems include:

UV Inkjet Applications

Bidirectional indexing-rotating ultraviolet inkjet and cure application

We also design, engineer, fabricate and integrate various pre and post finishing operations, as required, including utilize many different types of UV curable inkjet systems, like those for printing bar codes, labels, company logos and other types of multi-color decorations over a wide variety of substrates. These can be implemented inline, or as a stand alone inkjet system.

UV for Paint Coatings

We have various systems available for both uv and water borne coatings, such as those for:

Custom ultraviolet paint coatings curing systems

Ultraviolet sanitizing systems and equipment for ultraviolet curing systems

UV Equipment

We also have add-on equipment for processing with ultra violet. As always, we can design and retrofit this equipment based on your needs. Our UV equipment line includes:

Closed Loop Air

Our Closed Loop Air designs and equipment are the best available air flow for irradiator cooling air where quartz plates are required. We have built curing systems to operate in clean rooms that operate without changing the temperature by more than +/- 1% humidity.

Ultraviolet curing systems and equipment including closed loop air cooling system

We take pride in our innovative, cost effective solutions to your uv and automation needs. We look forward to working with customers to give them a highly efficient, effective solution that will give you a competitive advantage in cost and quality.

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