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TERRELL UV is a leader in custom UV systems and equipment, from large-scale (production size) applications down to small part applications, for both production and laboratory needs. We can retrofit your existing equipment or install new equipment based upon your requirements. This is made possible by our extensive design, engineering, fabrication and installation capabilities.

Whether your UV application needs involve coatings, inks, adhesives, sanitizing, or other applications, TERRELL UV is the answer to your needs.

The pages described below will provide both information, as well as a few examples of our previous work. If you would like more information, call TERRELL Manufacturing Services, Inc. at (231) 788-2000.

For Production

Custom ultraviolet curing systems for industrial applications

TERRELL UV can design and fully implement a custom-designed system based on your needs, processes, and limitations. Our efficient systems outperform the others, regardless of part size and material cured.

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Lab/Small Parts

Custom ultraviolet curing systems for labs or small parts.

There's no job too small for TERRELL UV for Labs. We have many different standard designs for small part systems, or we can design and deliver a custom system based upon your unique needs.

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Our photo gallery contains many different examples of our previous work. These examples will illustrate the flexibility and diversity of our service and systems.

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